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Attorney Dianne Busch of Marietta, GA; accomplished Wino, liar, scofflaw

In addition to practicing law, Dianne Busch was also unfortunately employed as a Municipal Court judge in the City of Woodstock, which is about 30 miles north of Atlanta.
In early 2010, Dianne Busch, an accomplished lush, was criminally charged with providing alcoholic beverages (aka, firewater) to underage kids during a party at her home upscale home in Kennesaw. At about 3 a.m. on Dec. 22, Cobb Police were dispatched to the neighborhood after a neighbor reported hearing what sounded like gunshots. The police then entered the home of Judge Dianne Busch, a well known and highly respected lush in the legal community.
When the police officers arrived they came upon several underage children that were either in the process of drinking or were already drunk.
Officer Ryan reported that when he confronted Dianne, she “seemed to be very intoxicated.” He went on to state, “She seemed to not comprehend and continued to ask why we were there.” Another officer reported that “When Mrs. Busch came down to the basement her speech was slurred. She was very unstable on her feet as she staggered toward us.”
Eventually, State Sen. John Wiles arrived at Busch’s home while police were talking to the teenagers in the basements and using Alco sensors to check for alcohol consumption. The police reported that Wiles “stated he had come to assist Mrs. Busch.
Police also reported that Busch the Lush made it known to them that Mr. Wiles was a former Cobb County prosecutor and was then a state senator. She also made sure the officers were aware that she was a judge in Woodstock.
Sgt. T. W. Jennings noted that Sen. Wiles commented that one of the youths should not be charged because he was going to college on an athletic scholarship, which would be jeopardized by any citation. Sgt. Jennings then advised Sen. Wiles “that there would no picking and choosing on who would be charged and who would not.” Kudos to Sgt. Jennings for telling this arrogant SOB to take a hike!
Busch’s criminal defense lawyer, Vic Reynolds, disputed that she ever provided alcohol to anyone under age 21, or allowed teenagers to drink alcohol on her property. However, the police report notes that when she came downstairs to talk to the officers, she appeared to be intoxicated and “said something to the effect ‘I would rather have the kids drinking at my house than out driving around,’ and ‘I gave the kids the alcohol.”
Judge Busch was never disciplined as a jurist or lawyer for his egregious misconduct, which only further confirms that Judicial/Attorney Misfits are held to a much lower standard of conduct than we are.
As we speak (ca. May 2011) this celebrated boozer and loser continues to practice law with ex-State Senator John Wiles.
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