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Attorney James Doyle of Illinois; Il Duce Wannabee, Dufus, ethical gnome

From 1989 to 2006, Doyle was a sitting judge on the 16th Circuit Court in Kane County, Illinois. Before his politically motivated ascension to the bench, Jimmy worked as a police officer, public defender, prosecutor, and city attorney.
Jimmy received his law license in late 1976, meaning he has spent the vast majority of his adult life porking out at the public trough.
In 2006, Jimmy was forced off the bench after the Judicial Commission charged him with the following misconduct:
  • Systematically violated defendant’s constitutional due process rights
  • Repeatedly engaged in intemperate behavior
  • Regularly engaged in intimidation, retribution, and vindictiveness in response to those who disagreed with him
  • He attempted to conceal his systematic violations of defendants’ rights by doing so without a court reporter present or ordering the reported to go off the record
  • Interfered with operation of Kane County Drug Court even after his was removed from the Court
After his forced resignation, Jimmy was never sanctioned by the Illinois Supreme Court in regards to his right to practice law.
Jimmy the Weasel’s current status
As we speak (ca. May 2011):
  1. Jimmy Doyle works as a consultant for the Romanian National Anti-Drug Agency. He
  2. Teaches the international crime and justice class for Aurora University
  3. Adjunct professor for Tiffin University in Illinois teaching ethics law (Is this a joke?)
Why in the world would any reputable University employ someone of Doyle’s ilk to teach ethics?
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