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Judge Tammy Bass-Le Sure of Oklahoma City; dumb crook, liar and ethical elf

Unfortunately for the good folks of Oklahoma City, Judge Tammy Bass-Le Sure has been sitting as a Oklahoma County Judge since 1998. Apparently, no self-respecting law firm in the greater Oklahoma City area was about to offer this certified Dufus a good paying job as an associate or a partner. Can y’all blame them?
Recently (Jan 21, 2011) Judge Tammy Bass-LeSure was criminally charged (indicted) with 30 counts of making a fraudulent claim against the state and two counts of perjury.
In January 2008, Tammy and her husband signed up to be foster parents of a boy and girl and then adopted them in May. According to Oklahoma City prosecutors, Tammy was letting her bailiff’s sister, Ravonda Edwards, raise the children. Of course this didn’t stop Tammy from collecting state funds paid to foster parents for costs incurred in raising foster children. (The Oklahoman, Nolan Clay, 01/28/2011)
Prosecutors alleged that Tammy spent some of the state funds paid to her for the children’s care on herself including purchases at spas, nail salons and casinos.
In late January, Judge Bass-LeSure decided to take a vacation by going on paid administrative leave. While on vacation, this criminal will be receiving about $2,346 a week compliments of the overtaxed citizens of Oklahoma. And who is the fool that said “crime doesn’t pay?”
It could take as long as two years before her case comes to trial and she is booted off the bench by the Oklahoma Supreme Court. This means that Ol’ Tammy could pocket nearly $250,000 in wages for performing no services on behalf of the citizens of Oklahoma. Is Oklahoma a great country or what?
Tammy is being defended on the 32 criminal counts by attorney Richard Anderson of Oklahoma City. In a lame effort at levity, Mr. Anderson said, the judge’s decision [to take paid administrative leave] was made out of respect for and to show dignity to her juridical office. What dignity is the buffoon speaking of? Clearly, attorney Richard Anderson missed his calling as a standup comedian.
Now we have to sit back and see if justice is going to really be meted out to this certified loser. If things go like they usually do with Judicial Misfits, she’ll be held to a lower standard of conduct then we are.
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