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Today’s Avarice Award Winner is attorney Robert M. Stern of Los Angeles

Congratulations to….
Attorney Robert M. Stern
Today’s “Avarice” Award Winner
From the time John graduated from law school, Bobby has dedicated a significant amount of his time porking out at the public trough.
Shortly after the LA Times exposed a bunch of crooked public officials that were bilking the citizens of Bell, California, an investigation of the questionable manner in which public officials in Vernon, California were hosing their citizens began.
Vernon, which has less than 100 residents, has a long and sordid history of being a fiefdom run by a small group of powerful and corrupt individuals. At least two city administrators and the longtime mayor have faced public-corruption charges in the past.
Vernon is now in the process of a fighting legislation that would dissolve the city and make it part of Los Angeles County.
In an attempt to fight the bill dissolving the city, it (meaning the crooks running it) employed attorney Robert M. Stern and agreed to pay him $450 an hour.
Mr. Stern likes to make a big deal out of his alleged efforts at political reform. As we speak he is President of the so-called Center for Governmental Studies.
To suggest to anyone that he’s actually worth $450 an hour doesn’t pass the involuntary laugh test. Clearly, Bobby missed his calling as a standup comedian.
This loser’s sole interest is in unjustly enriching himself in defending a bunch of corrupt public officials.
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