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Gov. Matt Bevin (R-KY): Today’s “Lunatic” Award Winner

Congratulations to….


Gov. Matt Beviin (R-KY)

Today’s “Lunatic” Award Winner


In November 2015, Matty duped the voters in Kentucky into electing him as their Governor.


It cannot be disputed that Matty is a right-wing zealot and lunatic that is willing to say anything to appease his low I.Q. followers.


During a recent (mid-September 2016) speech at the so-called Values Voter Summit in DC, Matty decided to assert that conservatives may have to resort to physical violence to protect their values. Matty then went on to tell the intellectually deprived members of the audience:

  • “I want us to be able to fight ideologically, mentally, spiritually, economically, so that we don’t have to do it physically.”
  • “But that may, in fact, be the case.”

Matty went on to say:

  • “The roots of the tree of liberty are watered by what? The blood. Of who? The tyrants to be sure, but who else? The patriots.” “Whose blood will be shed? It may be that of those in this room. It might be that of our children and grandchildren.”
  • “I have nine children.”
  • “It breaks my heart to think that it might be their blood that is needed to redeem something, to reclaim something, that we through our apathy and our indifference have given away.”
  • “Don’t let it happen.”

So here we have a sitting Governor suggesting that if Hillary is elected president “we the people” (actually right wing nutcases) may have to engage in violence that will likely to lead to the shedding of someone’s blood.


In short, Matty the Loon is letting it be known that he supports violence if he and his minions do not get their way in the 2016 presidential race.


Congrats Matty; keep up the good work! We should let everyone know of your amazing record as one of Americas Least Appreciated “Lunatics”; you are far too humble. 

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