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Rep. Michell Bachman: Today’s “Screwball” Award Winner

Congratulations to….
U.S. Rep. Michelle Bachman
Today’s “Screwball” Award Winner

This isn’t the first Award presented to Michelle. In the past, he has been the recipient of twenty-one (21) Awards in various categories and/or the subject of seven (7) opinion pieces. Those awards and opinion pieces are listed at the end of this article and can be viewed by going to the listed categories.

While giving a speech in South Carolina on Feb 20, 2011 in regards to solving the federal budget deficit, Michelle again cemented her status as a certified screwball and practicing Dufus.
During her demented speech, Bachman offered up a nutsy solution to the federal budget deficit when she said, “We need to simply tell people the facts, like Glen Beck, with that chalkboard, that man can explain anything. I think if we give Glenn Beck the numbers, he can solve this.”
Can there now be any dispute that Michelle Bachman missed her calling as a standup comedian? Suggesting that Glenn “The Nutcase” Beck should be assigned the task of solving our budget deficit is akin to saying that the following folks should be put in charge of:
  • Lindsay Lohan – the anti-shoplifting division at Tiffany’s
  • Bernie Madoff – the anti-fraud division of the SEC
  • Tom Delay – Ethics classes at the Huey Long School of Ethics at LSU in Baton Rouge
Congrats Michelle; keep up the good work! We should let everyone know of your amazing record; you are far too modest.
  1. Bullshit Award Winner = 2
  2. Dumbo Award Winner = 2
  3. Homophobe Award Winner = 2
  4. Liar Award Winner = 2
  5. Lunatic Award Winner = 5
  6. Moron Award Winner = 3
  7. Screwball Award Winner = 4
  8. Tina Fey Award Winner = 7
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