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Today’s Avarice Award Winner is LA attorney John Van de Kamp

Congratulations to….
LA attorney John Van de Camp
Today’s “Avarice” Award Winner
The WatchDawg is proud to announce that LA attorney John Van de Camp is the hands-down winner of this esteemed award, despite keen competition among like-minded members of the bar.
From the time John graduated from law school in 1960 through 1991, he dedicated his time to porking out at the public trough as (a) assistant US attorney, (b) federal public defender, (c) LA County DA, and (d) California State Attorney General.
Recently, the City of Vernon, California (adjacent to LA) announced that it hired attorney John Van de Camp of Dewey & LeBoeuff LLP to represent it to fight legislation that would eliminate Vernon as a charter city. Vernon has a history of bilking its taxpayers in order to pay outrageous salaries to its do-nothing employees.
In an effort to forever cement his status as voracious appetite for public pork, Johnny Baby had the chutzpah to bill the taxpayers of Vernon $550 an hour for his useless services.
Johnny finds it acceptable to hose Vernon’s taxpayers even though he is likely receiving an annual pension from the state of about $100,000.
Congrats Johnny; keep up the good work! We should let everyone know of your voracious appetite; you are far too modest.
The Dawg~
Folsom, California
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