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Attorney John Austin of Raleigh; forgerer, certified wimp

Attorney John Austin of Raleigh gives practicing wimps and pansies a bad name.
In 2008, Johnny Baby owed the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) approximately $68,000 in back taxes. As a result, the IRS obtained a lien that attached to Austin’s personal bank account.
Austin contacted the IRS and a representative informed him that if he paid $500 immediately and $43,000 by October 10, 2008, he could make payments on the approximately $25,000 balance.
Austin then contacted Ray Cullen at United Leasing Corporation a commercial lender that Austin did litigation work for. Cullen assured Austin that United would loan Austin $60,000, enough to pay the IRS $43,000, pay the balance of a loan he owed to Citi-Financial of $8,400 and leave a balance for Austin to use to apply to upcoming payments.
On October 17, 2008, United notified Austin that his application for the $60,000 loan had been approved. Under the terms of the loan, Austin and his wife needed to sign a deed of trust on their residence.
On the 18th of October, Austin received the loan documents from United, including a note and a deed of trust that both required his wife’s signature.
The Wimp didn’t want to tell his wife the extent of the money owed to the IRS. Wimpy then forged his wife’s name on the note and deed of trust without her knowledge or authorization.
Because his wife’s signature had to be signed before a notary public, authenticating her signature, the Wimp forged notary Elizabeth Cox’s name to the jurat on the deed of trust witnessing his wife’s signature and placed Cox’s seal on the deed without Cox’s knowledge or consent.
On November 4, 2008, Austin forwarded the note and deed of trust with the forged signatures and the fraudulent notarization to United for the purpose of securing the $60,000 loan.
On November 17, 2008, prior to issuing the check for the loan, United sent the loan documents received from Austin to his law office. Austin’s administrative assistant opened the documents and noticed that Cox’s signature was a fraud and reported it to Cox and the Wimp’s senior partner.
As a result of his criminal conduct (forgery) the enablers on the North Carolina Disciplinary Counsel gifted the Wimp with a six (6) months suspension.
Because attorneys are held to a lower standard of conduct then y’all, the Wimp was never criminally charged for forgery.
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