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The Don (Trump) is Our Only Hope 


During a recent (mid-June 2016) appearance on The Eric Metaxas Comedy Radio Show, Ann Coulter spoke about The Don’s speech after the killings in Orlando wherein he proposed expanding his ban on Muslim immigration. (Brian Tashman)


Annie then told Metaxas’ intellectually indigent listeners that allowing for Muslim immigration to America would be akin to the U.S. “bringing in Nazis” during World War II. Annie then said:

  • “What is this compulsion that we have to bring in today’s Nazis to our country.”
  • “We don’t need this.”

Annie went on to laughingly state that we should not be treating Omar Mateen (Orlando terrorist) as an American despite the fact he was born in Brooklyn, New York because “He’s an Afghani!”


According to Annie the Congenital Liar, America is facing even more terrorist attacks because Democrats want to bring in “hordes of the Third World” so they can defeat Republicans in the November election.


Annie went on to say:

  • “We’re not a nation of immigrants.” 
    “We have never been a nation of immigrants.”
  • “This is a myth invented by the Democrats for electoral purposes and Republicans for who knows what reasons, because their donors need the cheap labor.”

Annie’s father was of Irish-German heritage. All of Annie’s eight paternal great-great-grandparents were immigrants. Apparently, Annie’s “we’re not a nation of immigrants” only applies to immigrants Asia, Latin America and Africa. Put simply, honkies like Annie’s grandparents are not considered to be immigrants.


To be excruciatingly fair to Annie since she is a lawyer it shouldn’t be surprising that she speaks out of both sides of his mouth at the same time. Annie graduated from the University of Michigan Law School as did her fellow loud mouth loser Hugh Hewitt.


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