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Obama sympathizes with The Practice of Sharia Law


On a recent (mid-June 2016) edition of his daily comedy radio show, resident comedian and serial defamer Sean Hannity again spewed forth an assortment of lies about President Obama.


On this occasion, Sean told his fellow bigots intellectually deprived listeners:

  • “There is something pathological.”
  • “Now I know many of you [bigots] have called and written me over the years, oh he’s a Muslim.”
  • “Well he went to Reverend Wright’s church for twenty years, he did go to a Muslim school.”
  • “There is certainly an affinity for, a sympathy for, an unwillingness to recognize the problems and issues of the Islamic faith especially the practice of Sharia.”

As expected, Sean the Serial Liar is unable to provide any real evidence that Obama is sympathetic of the imposition of Sharia Law. And the reason he can’t do so is because no such evidence exists.


The sole purpose for Sean continuing to tell blatant falsehoods about Obama is to unjustly enrich himself by stoking the firs of bigotry and hatred among his viewers. If Sean was forced to tell the truth he’d be out of business because he wells knows that his followers aren’t concerned with the truth about Obama, Muslims, African-Americans, Latinos, Democrats or liberals.


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