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It is the States job to kill LGBT folks


FYI: Theodore Shoebat is a right-wing lunatic who has dedicated his career to spewing forth an assortment of screwy ideas all of which are meant to financially enrich him at the expense of his low I.Q. followers.


In a recent (mid-May 2016) video posting, Teddy decided to speak to the recent mass murders at an Orlando nightclub by claiming the tragedy was nothing more than “scum killing scum.” (Kyle Mantyla)


Teddy told his bigoted and intellectually infirm followers:

  • “Muslims kill each other all the time sodomites kill each other all the time."
  • So this case of a Muslim killing dozens of gay people was nothing more than "mutant killing mutant, devil killing devil.”

Teddy went on to say:

  • The sodomites who were killed in this club were not innocent people.”
  • “They were not good people.”
  • “They were not people who were just victims who we should just feel sorry for. It was scum killing scum.”

Teddy the Loony Bigot went on with his disgusting rant by saying:

  • “I don’t believe in vigilantism, but I do believe in the government killing the sodomites." he explained.
  • "I do believe in the government arresting the sodomites and executing them for homosexuality.”
  • “Under my rule, that sodomite club in Orlando, it would have been destroyed, it would have been demolished, bulldozed and all the bastards in there would have been arrested, tried, found guilty for homosexuality and executed.”

Teddy concluded by saying:

  • “What this guy did was vigilantism,” which I don’t support because it’s “the state’s job to kill the sodomites.”

What would truly be gratifying and just is if the State arrested, prosecuted in imprisoned Disgusting Bigots like Teddy and those of his ilk. In fact, if Teddy was prosecuted I’d ask the sentencing judge to send him to Folsom Prison and order that he be assigned to Cell No. 148 where he’d be roomed up with Clarice (real name Clarence) who is known to be one friendly feller.


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