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Fox News' Meghan McCain: Today’s “Moronic Liar” Award Winner


Congratulations to….


Fox News' Meghan McCian 

Today’s Moronic Liar Award Winner



During a recent (mid-May 2016) edition of Fox’s The Five comedy show, co-cost and resident Moronic Liar Meghan McCain decided to spew forth another lie while paying homage to Donald Trump.


In this instance, Meghan the Moron (M&M) falsely claimed that Hillary Clinton would not agree to a debate on the Fox News Comedy Network because she is afraid to take questions from Fox comedy host Bret Baier


Meghan went on to tell The Five’s low I.Q. viewers:

  • “Hillary knows that Bret that Bret Baier ain’t Rachel Maddow, honey.”
  • “She’s going to have to answer some real questions and a lot of times she gets a lot of passes from the media.”

Meghan’s lie is easily disproven since there is no dispute that Hillary Clinton did in fact take questions from comedian Bret Baier during a Fox News presidential town hall even in March 2016 wherein Bret asked Hillary eight (8) separate questions about her primate email server.


Of course its standard fair for members of The Five to tell falsehoods because that’s what they are ordered and paid to by her boss Roger “Tons of Fun” Ailes.


Congrats Meghan; keep up the good work! We should let everyone know of your amazing record as one of Americas Least Appreciated “Bigot’s”; you are far too humble.

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