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NBA & Hip Hop prove Black Lives Matter are the Real Racists 


In a recent (mid-May2016) article that David Horowitz wrote for the right-wing, loony blog Breitbart, Dave called fellow and Jew Bill Kristol, editor of The Weekly Standard of “renegade Jew” because he was calling for a third-party alternative to Donald Trump. (Miranda Blue, Right Wing Watch)


In his laughable article, Dave said in part:

  • “Black people have been accepted; not black criminals, but black people generally.”
  • “Our culture is dominated by black music, if you can call that music.” he added.
  • “Hip hop is the dominant music form, more than any other, and it pervades the white suburbs.”

Dave went on with his ignorant rant by saying:

  • “If it were true that a racial disparity, statistical disparity proves racism, then the National Basketball Association would be a racist association because 95 percent of the starting multi- multi-millionaires are black, and they make a lot money.”
  • “So when we hear Black Lives Matter say that America is a white supremacist nation, you know that you are listening to a stone-cold racist or a lunatic, either one.”

Apparently, Dave has no qualms about his buddy and soulmate Rush “The Doper” Limbaugh? He makes about $38 million a year, which is significantly more than the NBA players listed below made for the 2015-2016 season.

  1. Kobe Bryant: Los Angeles Lakers = $25,000,000
  2. Joe Johnson: Brooklyn Nets = $24,894,863
  3. LeBron James: Cleveland Cavaliers = $22,970,500
  4. Carmelo Anthony: New York Knicks = $22,875,000
  5. Dwight Howard: Houston Rockets = $22,359,364
  6. Chris Bosh: Miami Heat = $22,191,364
  7. Chris Paul: Los Angeles Clippers = $21,468,695
  8. Derrick Rose: Chicago Bulls = $20,093,064
  9. Dwayne Wade: Miami Heat = $20,000,000

At least the fans of the aforementioned NBA stars are treated to some athletic entertainment, which is in stark contrast to the crap that Tony gets paid by the dupes that follow Dave the Bigoted Loon.


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