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Erie County, Ohio Prosecutor Kevin Baxter confirmed to be defamation proof!

The Watchdawg is proud to announce that Erie County, Ohio (Sandusky) Prosecutor Kevin Baxter has been adjudged to be “defamation proof.”
On January 19, 2011 the fact that Erie County, Ohio (Sandusky) Prosecutor Kevin Baxter is “defamation proof” was confirmed when his sham/frivolous defamation suit (is there another kind? against the Sandusky Register newspaper, its publisher Douglas Phares, managing editor Matt Westerhold,  and a reporter Jason Singer summarily dismissed by Judge William J. Coyne.
Kevin’s sham defamation suit was based on his hyperbolic (BS) claim that he was defamed when the Register, et al. published articles stating there was reliable evidence that he was a “coke head.” The Register obtained that evidence via a report issued by the Ohio Bureau of Investigation. Put simply, the Register specifically relief on an official investigative report in stating the obvious, which was that Mr. Kevin Baxter was in fact a “coke head.”
Of course Kevin was well aware of the official findings of the Bureau prior to filing his sham defamation lawsuit.
Sadly, the overburdened taxpayers of Erie County and to a lesser degree all Ohioans were made to pay tens-of-thousands of dollars to establish beyond all doubt that Kevin is “defamation proof.”
These taxpayer funds likely pale in comparison to the money that the Sandusky Register paid to their attorneys to defend Kevin’s shameless exercise in wasting taxpayer resources.
At a minimum, Mr. Kevin Baxter has forever cemented his status as a certified loser.
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