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Attorney Pattie Harrison of Roxboro, NC; certified nutcase, ethically maladroit

In an earlier life, attorney Pattie Harrison was unfortunately a sitting judge in Roxboro, North Carolina.
In 2004, Pattie Baby was charged with a plethora of misconduct by the North Carolina Judicial Commission, which involved the following:
  1. Pattie made accusations against several attorneys and two judges, claiming they conspired to have her assassinated
  2. She laughingly claimed the attorneys/judges conspired to file over 200 false ethical complaints against her
  3. The complaining judges/attorneys were motivated by racial animus (Pattie is an African-American) in filing complaints against her and in doing so violated her civil rights
Subsequently, Pattie the Nutcase (aka, Certified Screwball) duly reported her phantom (paranoid) complaints to the local press, clearly proving that she missed her calling as a “standup comedian.”
The Judicial Commission eventually ruled that there was no credible evidence to support  Pattie the Nutcase’s accusations and that she should have foreseen the harm that would be caused by giving credence to such inaccurate (aka, fabricated) claims.
Pattie’s Hyperbolic (BS) defense
In an inept attempt to forever cement her status as a “certified nutcase,” Pattie defended her demented conduct by claiming she was under a great deal of physical and emotional distress because she suffered from diabetes (How sweet is that?), all of which interfered with her ability (What ability?) to perform the duties of her office.
Apparently, Pattie’s feigned disability did not interfere in any way in her ability to collect an underserved payment from the taxpayers of North Carolina.
American Diabetes Assn (ADA) Judicially Recognized Ailments
Isn’t it a shame how diabetes can affect ethical giants such as Patty? According to Patty, the ADA recognizes the following symptoms in regards to Judicial Misfits:
  1. Inability to tell the truth
  2. A double digit I.Q. [equal to the legal speed limit in a school zone]
  3. Increased paranoia [they’re coming after me again!]
  4. Unusual receptiveness to criticism
  5. Blurry vision [aka, Stolichnaya-ism]
Pattie the Nutcase’s Punishment
As a result of Pattie’s fabrications, the North Carolina Supreme Court voted to remove her from office in 2001. On the same date, the enablers/apologists (Is there another kind?) employed by the North Carolina State Bar voted to suspend Pattie’s law license for one year.
As we speak, Pattie the Nutcase is practicing law in the Roxboro, North Carolina, which is about 80 miles southwest of Winston Salem. Take my advice folks, if y’all live in this area ya might want to avoid employing this loser if you’re in the need of quality legal services.
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