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“We’re Toast” if Republican doesn’t win Presidency in 2016


In a recent (mid-April 2016) appearance on Breitbart News Daily, right wing Bullshitter Extraordinaire and Aspiring Standup Comedian Frank Gaffney that if the voters elect a president who will continue the Obama administration’s approach to foreign policy, then America is doomed. (Brian Tashman, Right Wing Watch)


Frankie the Comic told Brietbart’s low I.Q. listeners:

  • “If we have four more years of this kind of policy of weakness and emboldening of our enemies and undermining of our allies and diminishing of our country.”
  • “There is general recognition, I think, among the Republican contenders that more of the same is a formula for disaster for our country on national security and homeland security, most especially.”

Frankie’s hope is that Ted Cruz wins the presidency; however, this is fanciful thinking at best. He’s really pulling for Cruz because in his demented mind he actually believes that Cruz will appoint him to an important office in his administration.


In fact, Frankie the Loon is of the opinion that President Ted Cruz (Ughhh!) would appoint him as America’s Ambassador to the United Nations or as Under Secretary of State for Muslim Affairs.


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Obama playing for other team in committing Treason Gaffney: Art. 98 Lunatic Awards

Rick Santorum & GOP forfeit vote of Smart people: Art. 194 Dawg Opinions

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