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Bono enabler for Islamic Terrorists


As I suspect everyone knows Bono is a famous sing, songwriter and musician who is best known as the lead vocalist of the rock band U2. He is also a well known philanthropist.


On the other hand, Frank Gaffney is a right-wing nutcase who is dedicated to furthering his status as America’s Premier Muslim Bigot.


In a recent (04/13/16) interview with Breitbart News Daily, Frankie said:

  • “Bono has encouraged Europe to be repopulated by non-Europeans who are bent on destroying freedom.”
  • “Bono is “a man of the left and a lot of them are useful idiots in the service, whether they know it or not, of Islamists and other enemies of freedom.”

In addition to slandering Bono, in the recent past Frankie has falsely insinuated that President Obama is a secret Muslim and terrorist sympathizer.


Despite Gaffney’s well-deserved reputation as a Serial Liar and Degenerate Bigot, Sen. Ted Cruz had the chutzpah to name him to be one of his National Security Advisors.


In the unlikely event that Cruz is elected President, it’s quite possible that he’ll appoint Gaffney as Ambassador to Saudi Arabia or even Iran if we reopen our embassy.


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