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Ted Cruz supporter says we need to “de-Islamize” America


In a recent (late March 2016) anti-Muslim rant in support of Sen. Ted Cruz, Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association posted a call to “de-Islamize” America. (Peter Montgomery)


Bryan the Bigot put forth the following three-pronged approach to “de Islamize” America.

  • Immediately suspend immigration by Muslims
  • Immediately ban building of mosques
  • No more Muslims in the military

It is an undisputed fact that there are hundreds upon hundreds of Muslims that are buried at the Arlington Cemetery that sacrificed their lives this country. In addition, there are thousands who have served in the past or who are presently serving in the Army, Marines, Air Force and/or the Nave.


In addition to being a Disgusting Bigot, Bryan is also a Chicken Little loser. Even though he was age eligible (DOB 1951) to serve his country during the Vietnam War, Bryan chose  the coward’s way out by hiding out in Boise, Idaho.


The mere fact that Sen. Ted Cruz welcomes the support of Bryan Fischer and those of his ilk is proof positive that he’s unfit to be President of the U.S. of A.


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