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Donald Trump will save us from the Antichrist


During a recent (mid-March 2016) appearance on the Truenews comedy show, hosted by resident lunatic and Aspiring Standup Comedian Rick Wiles, televangelist and fellow lunatic Rodney Howard-Browne advised Ricky why he had decided to endorse Donald Trump for President. (Brian Tashman)


Rodney told Ricky’s low I.Q. followers that one of the reasons he was supporting The Donald was because he is “a threat to the New World Order and the one-world government.”


Rodney the Comic went on to say that with a delay in the rise of a one-world-government, The Donald could delay the coming of the Antichrist, but that’d only be for a short period of time.


Rodney went on with his comedy skit by saying in part:

  • “The New World Order and the establishment are spending tens upon tens of millions to take him [The Donald] down.”
  • “When the pope attacks him, plus two former Mexican presidents and other world leaders, then that tells us that he’s a threat to the New World Order and the one-world government.”
  • And when the world's financial elite met in Davos, Switzerland, and they say they’re afraid of Trump — I say that's good enough for me.”

Rodney completed his comedy routine by saying:

  • “We are in the final hour now, the final grains of sand are slipping through the hour glass.” “We stand on the brink of a one-world government, one-world religion, one-world money system, and the rise of the Antichrist.”
  • “I will say that a Trump presidency will give us a stay of execution, only.”

You have to be a total idiot (my apologies to idiots) to believe anything these two Certified Lunatics have to say. There sole purpose is to live the good life by duping their followers into continually making contributions to their hyperbolic (BS) causes.


And lastly, who is going to protect us from Certified A-Holes like Randy, Ricky and those of their ilk? (FYI Jethro: ILK is not defined as a female ELK)

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