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► Attorney Tracy Collins of Spokane; potty mouth crybaby


The state of Colorado provided with a law license in 1991 after he graduated from Gonzaga University Law School.


In the recent past, Tracy was found guilty of engaging in misconduct by the Washington State Bar. That misconduct can be viewed by visiting the URL listed at the end of this article.


Although the article accurately sets forth Tracy’s misconduct, he acted like the proverbial Whining Crybaby when he laughingly claimed he was being defamed. In truth, it would appear that Tracy is “defamation proof.” The email communications from Tracy and my replies are as follows:



  • “You people are the exact opposite of everything you profess to hate. You hide behind a web site and attack people who cannot respond. What happened; some lawyer fail to save you in a divorce where you were found to have repeatedly beat your wife.”
  • “A judge take away your ill gotten or stolen toys. I got news for. NO ONE LISTENS TO COWARDS. Your sneaky forum has no effect on any of these people. Your worse than any unethical politician.”
  • “And I'll bet either you didn't go to college or couldn't get into your local night school. I'm right am I not. Divorced, uneducated and feel abused by the justice system.”
  • Do this country a favor and fuck off and die.”

WATCHDOG (2/21/16):

  • “Goshes and Gollies Tracy, did you forget to take your meds this morning?”


  • “Are you on yours. Oh no. Nobody can know that cause your a coward.”
  • “I'm fed up with cowards like you. I been practicing 25 years and have the respected to shut you down and sue you for defamation. So be prepared. Coward.”

As you can see, in addition to being a Lying Loser, Tracy also has trouble dealing with the English language.


It surely is troubling that a loser like Tracy was able to retain his law license. Apparently, the cheerleaders for Attorney Misfits sitting on the Washington Supreme Court felt that Tracy had an absolute right to try and earn a dishonest living practicing law.


And lastly, the chances of Tracy suing me for defamation are about as good as Sen. Ted Cruz’s chances are of being elected president in 2016.



As we speak (ca. March 2016), Tracy the Whiner practices at 1312 North Monroe Street in Spokane, Washington.


Attorney Tracy Collins of Spokane; lying loser


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