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Men are more likely to get raped 


Fox News guest commentator and dyed-in-the-wool Misogynist Gavin McInnes recently (early February 2016) appeared on The Greg Gutfeld Comedy Show wherein he grumbled about the idea of including women in the military draft.

Gavin went on to tell Greg’s intellectually deprived viewers:

  • “They want equality for everything fun."
  • "How about you're equal in sanitation, how about you have to go down into the sewers and remove rats from blocked pipes?”

Gavin continued with his rant by saying:

  • “How about you go to war and die?”
  • “If going to do that, we'll have to talk to President Hitler." McInnes opined.
  • "If women were soldiers for the last hundred years, we would have lost World War II.”

Greg the Comic followed up by saying:

  • “Women want total equality and this is total equality.”

Gavin concluded his woman-hating remarks by saying:

  • “By every metric, men have it worse off." McInnes replied.
  • "We're more likely to get raped if you include prison, we're more likely to be assaulted, we're more likely to die, and we’re more likely to commit suicide.”

Verifiable statistics tell us that women are more likely to be sexually assaulted by prison staff and other inmates then male prisoners.


It would be extremely gratifying if both Gavin and Gutfeld  were ordered to spend 30 days in cell number 414 at Folsom Penitentiary where they’d be roomed up with Clarice (real name Clarence). After some friendly encounters with Clarice, I’m sure they’d likely change their chauvinistic attitudes. At a minimum it’s worth a try!

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