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► 2015 “Amiable Talk Show Host” Award Winner: Rush Limbaugh


Rush “The Doper” Limbaugh has dedicated his talk show career to establishing himself as a compassionate and kindhearted purveyor of highly defamatory and false comments about any all who have the audacity to disagree with the garbage he spews forth on a daily basis.


As you can imagine, the competition amongst the candidate in this category was very keen to say the least. This is especially true of the former attorneys who apparently realized early on how difficult it would be to earn a dishonest living practicing law. The deserving and highly competitive runner-ups are as follows:

  • Sean Hannity: Catholic seminary and college dropout (NYU)
  • Michael “The Wean” Savage (real name: Michael Alan Weiner
  • Mark Levin: former attorney – Temple University Law School
  • Neal Boortz: former attorney – John Marshall Law School
  • Hugh Hewitt: former attorney – University of Michigan Law School

We offer our sincerest condolences to the aforementioned group of losers; however, I’m sure most if not all of them will be in the running for this esteemed award in 2016. Here’s wishing them all better luck next year!


It should be noted that in addition to being an award winning gracious talk show host, Rush is also a highly accomplished Bullshitter and Mysoginist. In fact, his deplorable conduct has led to him receiving twenty-seven (27) Awards different categories and the subject of seven (7) opinion pieces.


Congrats Rush; keep up the good work! You should be extremely proud to be the 2015 “Amiable Talk Show Host” Award winner. We’re sure that you’ll be in the running for the 2016 Award. Good luck, Rush!

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