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Congress prohibited from passing laws contradicting God’s laws


During a recent (late January 2015) appearance on comedian David Barton’s Foundations of Freedom comedy series, former U.S. Representative Michel Bachman laughingly declared that Congress can never pass laws that violate the laws of God because in doing so they “degrade the greatness of a nation.” (Kyle Mantyla)


The Comic went on to falsely proclaim that a marble portrait of Moses in the House chamber is a reminder to all lawmakers that:


“A holy God gave to Moses the moral law, the Ten Commandments, the law upon which every other law has descended and upon which no other law, if it violates that moral law, could stand because that is the ultimate, couldn’t stand because it is the ultimate law.”


The Standup Comedian went on to say:

  • To pass laws that do not uphold God’s moral law, “degrades us as a nation, it degrades our liberties and it degrades the greatness of a nation and that's what God understood from Old Testament times: The greatness of a nation is built up by His law.”

Michele is another loser lawyer who received her degree from the now defunct Oral Roberts University Law School. While in operation is was a fourth tier school that was dedicated to serving losers that couldn’t get accepted at mainstream law schools like the University of Minnesota or Iowa State.


Any first year law student attending a credible school would know for a fact that God’s so-called laws (Ten Commandments) have nothing to do with the laws passed by Congress and/or any of the 50 states.


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