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Rev. Kim Davis (KY) sez; God chose me to stand against Gay Marriage


During a recent (late January 2016) appearance on the American Family Radio Comedy show, hosted by resident comedian and Certified Bigot Sandy Rios, Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis had the audacity to claim that she was chosen by God to fight against marriage equality. (Brian Tashman)


The following colloquy (means conversation Wilbur) took place between the Twin Towers of Bigotry and Hatred:


Rios:  “It’s interesting to me how God chose you." 

"Not a Sunday school teacher, not a Republican, not the standard — this is like God, this is so like God, so he chose you.”

Davis:  “It’s a joy to be chosen, to make a stand and to defend my God's word, the infallible word of God.”

Rios:  “You were chosen, Kim. I know that God picked you, plucked you out.”


Of course Kim doesn’t disclose the manner in which God chose her. I wonder, did he do it via an email, a text message or did he call her on her cell phone. Obviously, those of us who possess an I.Q. in triple digits have a right to know.


Only low I.Q. folks would actually believe what these two degenerates have to say about anything, especially when they laughingly claim that God picked Kimmy to act as his delegate here on earth.


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