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Thomas Jefferson would have endorsed Ted Cruz for President


During a recent (late January 2016) appearance on the WorldNetDaily comedy radio show, right-wing Loon and phony historian David Barton laughing proclaimed that if alive, Thomas Jefferson would have endorsed Sen. Ted “The Loon” Cruz for president.


Barton is the fabricator of false facts who authored “The Jefferson Lies,” which was summarily pulled off the shelves by a Christian publisher after it was discovered that the book contained significant factual inaccuracies (lies).


Barton lucked out when the Certified Whack Jobs at WorldNetDaily decided to republish his fabricated book shortly after he found new employment by running a super PAC in support of Ted Cruz’s nonsensical and losing presidential candidacy.


In support of Teddy’s candidacy, Barton said:

  • “Jefferson would eliminate 80 percent of the candidates.”
  • “One of the last guys [Lunatics] standing would be Cruz.”

Hopefully, Thomas Jefferson isn’t aware of what this comedian said about him. If he is, he won’t only turn over in his grave, he’ll like spin like a top. In fact, if he was alive, he’d likely have a good chance of winning a defamation case against Barton.


I’m confident that you could get 10 to 1 odds in Vegas that Teddy will likely not win one state in the upcoming GOP nomination race. His only hope is to win in Iowa. After that he’s going nowhere!


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