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World War III coming thanks to Obama


During a recent (mid-January 2016), airing of his daily comedy show, Glenn Beck decided to comment on Obama’s last State of the Union address. Towards that end, Glenn the Loon laughingly predicted that Obama’s statements would lead to World War III. The Loon then told his intellectually hobbled listeners:

  • “What did he [Obama] mock last night, for the first time?”
  • “Stunning, stunning that he mocked it … He mocked you if you believed that we were at the beginning of World War III. Mocked you. That’s crazy.”

The Loon continued on with his screwy rant by saying:

  • “Take it to the bank we are at the beginning of World War III.”
  • The president says it’s definitely not going to happen; I think that is all the evidence that you need that it is definitely going to happen.”

According to Glenn, if Obama made any of the following proclamations, then the opposite would occur.

  • Mike Huckabee will never be elected President of the U.S. of A.
  • Glenn Beck will not undergo a lobotomy to improve his intellectual acuity
  • Sean Hannity is not having an affair with Ann Coulter

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