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Attorney David Beyer of Ebensburg, PA; apologist for crooked lawyer


The state of Pennsylvania presented David Beyer with a law license in 1997.


In one matter, the Office of Disciplinary Counsel (ODC) found attorney Richard Corcoran guilty of an assortment of egregious misconduct, some of which included misappropriating (stealing) client funds, gross negligence and repeatedly lying to ethics investigators and his clients. For additional information regarding Mr. Corcoran, visit the URL listed at the end of this article.


Subsequently, Corcoran’s law license was suspended for five (5) years, which meant that he would have to apply to have his law license reinstated after the suspension concluded.


The cheerleaders for Attorney Misfits sitting on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court granted Corcoran’s application to reinstate his law license. Apparently, they believed he had a constitutional right to earn a dishonest living practicing law.


During the application process, Dave had the chutzpah to provide a statement in support of Corcoran’s reinstatement. In his statement, Dave laughingly said:

  • I would eagerly welcome him back into the legal community

Here we have Dave eagerly awaiting the reinstatement of an attorney who was found guilty of being a serial liar and thief. We can be assured that Dave will expend no energy in warning the public about Corcoran’s egregious misconduct in an effort to prevent further victimization.


As we speak (ca. September 2016), Dave practices with the Beyer Law Office at 104 South Center Street in Ebensburg, Pennsylvania. In addition, Dave also works for the Blair County Public Defender’s Office. 


Attorney Richard Corcoran of Ebensburg, PA; thief, serial liar  



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