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Tomas Jefferson adamant in opposition to Gay Rights


During a recent (mid-January 2016) appearance on the Glenn Beck comedy radio show, right-wing nutcase David Barton appeared to promote the republication of his so-called book “The Jefferson Lies” by the loons at WorldNetDaily. This is the same book that was yanked off the shelves by its prior publisher in 2012 due to its numerous inaccuracies and/or outright fabrications. (Kyle Mantyla)


During his appearance, Barton falsely claimed that Thomas Jefferson “came out very clearly” against LGBT right because they violated the law of nature and the Bible. Barton went on to tell Beck’s low I.Q. listeners:

  • “He [Jefferson] actually introduced a bill that said that laws should be those that are recognized by the Bible.”

Dave the Loon went on to say:

  • “Marriage should be based on biblical recognition.”
  • “Taking from the states the moral rule of their citizens and subordinating to the federal government would break up the foundations of the union.”
  • “You leave it at the states, not the feds.”

Since Jefferson served as Vice President and then President, and never served in Congress, how is it possible that he ever introduced a bill (legislation) as Dave the Loon falsely claims. As usual, Dave fails to enlighten us with actual facts to back his false claims.


However, as to Jefferson’s discussion about leaving issues of “moral rule” to the states, it had absolutely nothing to do with marriage equality. In fact, Jefferson was speaking about the case of Cohens vs. Virginia wherein the Supreme Court “reaffirmed its right to review all state court judgments in cases arising under the federal Constitution or a law of the United States.”


Of course the assorted bigots and intellectually infirm followers of David Barton and/or Glenn are concerned about the truth. All they care about is listening to lies that attack members of the gay community.


One must seriously question why Dave spends so much time and energy spewing forth hatred towards members of the gay community. Maybe we need to ask Dave the following:


“What’s in your closet, Dave?”


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