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Satan utilizes Fire Alarms to silence Jim Bakker


Jim Bakker is the ex-minister married to the late Tammy Baker of the PTL (Praise the Lord) Club that cheerfully bilked its viewers out of millions of dollars. Jimmy was later prosecuted fro fraud and spent five years in a federal prison.


After his release from prison, Jimmy remarried and decided to once again bilk gullible viewers by selling his brand of survivor foodstuffs and equipment.


During a recent (early January 2016) airing of Jimmy’s daily comedy radio show, Jimmy was joined by fellow lunatic Rick Wiles to discuss the topic of pornography. (Brain Tashman)


The comedy show was immediately stopped when a fire alarm sounded in Jimmy’s television studio. Jimmy then laughingly blamed the fire alarm on Satan. Jimmy then told his intellectually deficient viewers:

  • “That’s [fire alarm] a signal that the Devil’s mad.” Bakker said.
  • “Whenever we hit a subject that really stirs hell and Satan, the fire alarm, that goes off, every time.”

I wonder what goes off when Jimmy spends an inordinate amount of time viewing his pornography stash. Maybe that’s why and when the fire alarm goes off.


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