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Sen. Cruz sez : Christians have allowed nonbelievers to elect our leaders


During a recent (early January 2016) campaign event with celebrated Screwball and dyed-in-the-wool bigot James Dobson in Iowa, Sen. Ted Cruz advised the low I.Q. folks in attendance:

  • People of faith have consented to “allow nonbelievers to elect our leaders.”
  • We now have a “secular agenda” bent on doing away with the Ten Commandments and stifling religious liberty is on the rise.

Teddy told the low I.Q. audience that an atheist would be unfit to be president and then went on to say: 


  • “If you don’t begin every day on your knees asking God for His wisdom and support, I don’t believe you’re fit to do this job.”


Teddy continued with his hyperbolic (BS) rant by saying:

  • “You know, we look at our federal government now, and we have a federal government that is waging a war on life, a war on marriage, a war on religious liberty.”
  • “We have a federal government that is advancing a secular agenda that puts the ability of Bible-believing Christians to live our faith more and more in jeopardy and that is appeasing radical Islamic terrorism.”

And lastly, Teddy finished up by saying:

  • “If we allow nonbelievers to elect our leaders, we shouldn’t be surprised when our government doesn’t reflect our values.”

I’d like to know whose values Teddy is speaking of when he says “our values.” For one, I don’t much give a damn about Teddy’s alleged “values” and/or those of the intellectually bereft folks who believe the crap he spews forth on a daily basis.


Teddy’s “values” include legitimizing discrimination against members of the gay community on the illegitimate basis of religious freedom. Apparently, in Teddy’s demented mind, only atheists believe that gay folks should not be discriminated against.


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