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Obama’s gun control efforts will cause more suicides


In a recent (early January 2016) rant on his daily comedy radio show; Glenn Beck feigned outrage regarding Obama’s executive action to expand background checks for gun buyers. (Kyle Mantyla)


Glenn laughingly claimed that the new background checks will lead to a new black market filled with doctors and psychiatrists who will refuse to cooperate with the new mandates. Glenn’s hyperbolic (BS) claim is based on his false claim that the Department of Heath and Human Services is requiring physicians to report folks seeking mental health care to the government so that they would be subjected to further scrutiny if they sought to purchase a gun.


Even though Department of Heath and Human Services issued a statement fully debunking the fabricated comments by Beck, he continues to spew forth the same lies.


Glenn went on to tell his low I.Q. listeners:

  • “Now if you're a gun owner and you know that the government is going to find out that your son or daughter or you or your wife, they're going in for medication for depression or whatever."
  • “And you know that once that's reported, the government will come in and take your guns, how many people are going to say, 'No, no, no, let's not go to a doctor.”

Glenn continued on with his screwy rant by saying:

  • “You’re going to see depression, suicide and everything else skyrocket.”
  • "Think of the things now that this is going to create black markets for. Black market doctors; this will become back alley medicine for people with depression, people with kids who are having problems; they will look for doctors who will not report anything.”
  • “This is nuts. Absolutely nuts.”

To suggest that background checks to purchase guns will lead to back alley medical medicine for folks suffering from depression only further proves that Glenn is a degenerate fabricator of false facts.


And finally, the only thing that we can be assured is the undeniable fact that Screwy Glenn is a totally “nuts.”


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