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Sen. Cruz sez: Obama can’t distinguish Good guys from Bad Guys


Shortly after the December 2015 GOP Presidential debate, Sen. Ted Cruz did an interview with Breitbart Comedy News Daily wherein he declared his strategy to defeat domestic terrorism. (Miranda Blue)


Teddy said he would “target the terrorists,” something he claimed that Obama won’t do because he “consistently refuses to distinguish good guys from bad guys.” Teddy went on to tell Breitbart’s intellectually deprived listeners:


  • “What we need to do is target the terrorists.”
  • “And this is the consistent failing that the Obama administration has, is that it consistently refuses to distinguish good guys from bad guys.”
  • “So, for instance, in the wake of San Bernardino, what does President Obama want to come out and do? Take away the Second Amendment right to bear arms of millions of law-abiding citizens.”


Of course anyone with an I.Q. in the high 90s or higher knows for a fact that Obama never said he wanted to do away with the Second Amendment after the killings in San Bernardino. What he actually said was there needed to be a better way of performing background checks.


Teddy’s claim that Obama can’t distinguish bad guys from good guys doesn’t pass the involuntary laugh test. However, I’m sure Obama can distinguish between a Certified Lunatic and Liar and a Sane Person.  And I’m positive he can determine who is an A-hole!


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