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Be safe from terrorism: Put Bacon in your Hollow Point Bullets


During a recent (mid-November 2015) airing of Your World with Neil Cavuto on the Fox News Comedy Network, Fox comedic commentator Bo Dietl offered up safety tips that he claimed would help American avoid becoming “soft targets” for terrorism.”


Screwy Bo offered the following laughable safety tips:



  • Sit in the back of the theater
  • Take note of all emergency exits
  • Study people around you


  • Be aware of exits and windows
  • Sit in the back
  • Don’t sit near a window


  • Sit near door or escape window
  • Get off the next stop if you suspect someone

The restaurant Safety Tips are synonymous with the safety steps taken by Mafia Godfathers and their Capos. Bo finished up his screwy tips by saying:

  • “I also put bacon in my hollow point bullets so when I whack the terrorists, he's ain't going to the 72 virgins.”

Bo is another loser that has jumped on the bigot bandwagon for the sole purpose of enriching himself. A-holes like Bo are always welcome as so-called news contributors on the Fox Comedy Network. No self-respecting news agency would seek any advice from Bo or anyone of his ilk. 

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