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Give me some cash and I’ll heal your baby’s brain tumors 


During a recent (late August 2015) “Receiving a Prophet’s Reward” exhibition, Jimmy Swaggart Wannabee and Celebrated Charlatan Rod Parsley told a story of a woman who was told by her doctors that her baby would be born with “more tumors in its brain than the doctors could even count.” (Brian Tashman)


Rod went on to say by “sowing a seed,” meaning giving an envelope of cash to Rod during a church service, Rod laughingly claimed that the woman “gave birth to a baby perfectly normal, not a single tumor anywhere to be found.”


Is this like really cool or what? I’m wondering if I gave Rod some cash (sowing a seed) if he could prevent Sean Hannity and/or Rush “The Doper” Limbaugh from ever telling a lie in the future. If he could then he’d be entitled to a cash bonus.


To be honest, I’d be more than happy to slip a little cash to Rod if he could do something about my son’s hemorrhoids. It should be an easy task for Rod given the fact that he’s a Certified A-hole.


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