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Ashley Madison site, Pornography & Adultery should be Illegal 


During a recent (late August 2015) airing of his daily radio comedy show, comedian Bryan Fischer of the Un-American Family Association decided to comment on the latest scandal involving Josh Duggar by demanding that for pornography and adultery to be outlawed and for the website Ashley Madison to be shut down. (Kyle Mantyla)


Bryan the Loon went on to tell his intellectually deprived listeners:

  • “I believe that pornography could be, and ought to be, illegal."
  • "It ought to be against the law.”
  • “The First Amendment protects the freedom of speech, it does not protect the freedom or the right to take your clothes off and have sex in front of a camera ... And this Ashley Madison website, which is designed to promote adulterous liaisons, I think that is a website that by its very nature ought to be illegal.”

Claiming that adultery is synonymous with shoplifting doesn’t pass the involuntary laugh test. Clearly, Bryan missed his calling as a Standup Comedian.


We’d all be better off if lying and bigotry were made illegal, which would mean Bryan and those of his ilk would have to seek employment as greeters at their local Walmart.


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