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Americans will soon embark on Cannibalism 


During a recent (early August 2015) speaking engagement with fellow lunatic and underappreciated comedian Rick Wiles, Jim Bakker decided to do a little online pimping of his so-called food offerings.


Jimmy, a well known Elmer Gantry Wannabee, offers a variety of overpriced foodstuffs such as his ministry’s prepper food. However, Jimmy gave his intellectually impoverished followers a new reason to purchase his foods: cannibalism. (Brian Tashman)


While conversing with Ricky, Jimmy urged viewers to stock up on food before it becomes to scarce and the U.S. of A. descends into violence. Jimmy went on to say:

  • “New York, Chicago, all of your big cities, will be Hell.”
  • “The gangs will take what they want. They will kill to take what they want. Then they will start eating bodies of the people they killed.”

Only a degenerate seeking to line his pockets would even dream of spewing forth such crap. However, one has to wonder who in the hell listens to this Buffoon (my apologies to Buffoons) or even worse who in the world would even consider buying any foodstuffs from this despicable charlatan?


Below is a sample of the overpriced and worthless foodstuffs Jimmy offers on his self-serving website at www.jimbakershow.com.

  • $3,500 – Time of Trouble Tasty Food Offer
  • $1,000 – Pinto Bean Bucket
  • $900 – Baker’s Dozen Granulated Sugar
  • $500 – Five Black Bean Burger Buckets

If Jimmy was really concerned about caring for his buyer’s well being, then he’d provide them with a free lifetime supply of Preparation H


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