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Obama to use Immigrants to Dilute vote of Real Americans 


During a recent (early August 2015) interview with comedy talk show host John Fredericks, Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas claimed that Obama was intent on increasing the number of skilled-worker visas in order to “dilute” the American voting pool with people that haven’t “been educated about the responsibilities of keeping a republic going.” (Miranda Blue, Right Wing Watch)


While speaking about H-1b visas for skilled workers, Louie said:

  • “Wow, John, it’s like the president has some idea that he wants to just dilute people that have been educated about the responsibilities of keeping a republic going out there.”
  • “Isn’t that a crazy idea?”

It’s a well documented fact that a legal immigrant cannot by law apply for citizenship until they’ve resided in the U.S. for five (5) years. The time for an application for naturalization is approved takes another year. Therefore, Louie’s proposition is pure bunk!


This is just another example of Louie engaging in conduct specifically aimed at flaming the fire of racism and bigotry in order to justify his continued employment as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives.


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