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Rep. : Today’s “Dumbo” Award Winner

Congratulations to….



Today’s “Dumbo” Award Winner



In November 2014, Tillis succeeded in duping the voter in North Carolina into electing him as a member of the United States Senate.


While he was duping the voters in the election cycle, Thom was vehement in criticizing his democratic opponent, former Sen. Kay Hagan for missing a Senate briefing about the Islamic State (ISIS).


However, the self-serving duplicitous Moron recently (07/14/15) missed a briefing on ISIS. Tillis’ office said that he was out fundraising and also discussing ISIS and national security with former Vice President Dick “Big Dick” Cheney.


Discussing national security issues with Cheney is akin to seeking advice on sobriety from Mel Gibson.


We can expect that when Tillis runs for reelection and is called on the carpet for missing a briefing on ISIS, he’ll defend his actions by falsely claiming he gained valuable information on the issue of ISIS and National Security when he spoke with Cheney for ten minutes.


Congrats Thom; keep up the good work! We should let everyone know of your amazing record as one of Americas Least Appreciated “Dumbos”; you are far too humble.

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