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► U.S. Judge Paul Borman of Detroit; one of the good guys


The state of Michigan presented Paul D. Borman with a law license in 1962 after he graduated from the University of Michigan Law School.


Former President Bill Clinton appointed Borman as Judge to the U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Michigan in 1994.


In one matter, Judge Borman was assigned to hear a criminal case involving Dr. Farid Fata. In early 2015, Dr. Fata was found guilty of fraudulently billed Medicare and various insurance companies for misdiagnoses, over-treatment and under-treatment of patients. (Robert Allen, Detroit Free Press)


Fata earned nearly $20 million off hundreds of patients suffering from unneeded chemotherapy and other stunningly bad treatments and was sentenced by Judge Borman to 45 years in federal prison.


Prior to sentencing Fata, Judge Borman said:

  • “This is a huge, horrific series of criminal acts that were committed by the defendant."
  • “Dr. Fata practiced greed and shut down whatever compassion he had.”

It is indeed gratifying to see a judge who is willing to hand down a significant term of imprisonment in regards to fraud involving a physician. In too many instances serial thieves like Dr. Fata are given 1 or 2 year sentences at a prison camp that does not have any walls.


Kudos to Judge Paul Borman for having the courage and fortitude to do the right thing in sentencing Fata to what is likely a death sentence since he’s 50-years-old.


As we speak (ca. July 2015) Judge Borman remains sitting as District Court judge in Detroit, Michigan. 

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