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Supreme Court gives Muslims one more Reason to attack USA 


On a recent (07/01/15) broadcast of his daily comedy radio show, comedian Bryan Fischer of the Un-American Family Association, delivered yet another bigoted rant in regards to the Supreme Court’s ruling on marriage equality.


In response to warnings from the FBI and Homeland Securing to law enforcement agencies to “be vigilant and prepared” for possible terrorist over the July 4th holiday, Bryan the Bigot (BB) claimed that if such attacks took place, the Supreme Court would be partially to blame in angering radical Muslims by legalizing gay marriage. (Kyle Mantyla) BB went on to tell his low I.Q. listeners:

  • “How does the Muslim world justify their attacks on the United States?"
  • "Because they believe that we are the chief exporter of wickedness and decadence in the world.”
  • “That’s why they call us the Great Satan.”
  • “When we insult their god, their religion, their prophet, or their values, they claim a divine sanction to punish us for our transgressions.”

BB finished off his bigoted rant by saying:

  • "What the Supreme Court did on Friday was to insult and offend the entire Muslim world by celebrating and gloating gushing over a sin that Muslims regard as so offensive to Allah that its practitioners must be thrown to their deaths."
  • "So the Supreme Court just gave the Muslim world another reason to attack us, and a terrorist attack appears imminent.”
  • “So if Muslims attack us, and they refer in any way to our celebration of homosexuality as part of the reason, then according to liberals, culpability must be laid for that at the feet of the United States Supreme Court.”

There is absolutely no evidence that ISIS and/or another other terrorist organization has ever said they would attack American or Americans in foreign countries because of marriage equality. In fact, I can’t recall ISIS ever proclaiming it would attack us because we do not tolerate discrimination aimed at members of the gay community.


The sole reason for BB’s bigoted rant is to further enrich himself at the expense of the bigoted morons that actually tune in to listen to his crap.


One must seriously question why Bryan expends so much energy in spewing forth hatred towards members of the gay community. Maybe we need to ask Bryan the following question:


“What’s in your closet, Bryan?”


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