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America turning into Third World Hellhole 


During a recent (mid-June 2015), congenital bigot Pat Buchanan wrote a column entitled: “Is Third World America Inevitable?”


In an effort to prove he’s suffering from dementia, Patty hailed his fellow bigot Ann Coulter’s new book “Adios, America,” that laughingly warns that immigration reform “will mean the end to America as the Western nation we [honkies] have been, and the beginning of America’s life as an unapologetic “Third World hellhole.”  (Brian Tashman)


Patty warned that ethnic diversity would fuel racial tensions, violence and terrorism, comparing it to aggression in Eastern Europe and threats from North Korea.


To further play to the bigoted losers that listen to his crap, Patty claimed that immigration will cripple electoral prospects for the GOP. He opined that it will soon become “impossible” for a Republican presidential candidate to win a White House bid.


Patty went on to claim that it was a myth or lie that has been drummed into the heads of Americans that we have always been a “nation of immigrants,” and “diversity,” and that racial, ethnic and religious diversity “is a strength.”


It is painfully clear that Patty the Bigot would support a law that only allowed immigration to the U.S. from Ireland, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, Greece and all other European countries populated with good ol’ honkies.


Its really too bad that Patty won’t live to see the day when he and his fellow Irishmen are listed by the government as a certified minority.


Guess it’s time to double down on your Spanish lessons Patty. Might want to learn some Chinese, Korean, Hindi and Vietnamese too Patty.


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