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Murdering Islamic Thugs Sit on Hillary’s Lap 


During a recent (June 2015) appearance on UnTruenews, Judicial Watch’s Chris Farrell spoke to Rick Wiles about his group’s claim that the U.S. compound in Benghazi was “arming Al Qaeda” and coordinating arms shipments to Islamic terrorists in Syria. (Brian Tashman)


Ricky laughingly said there would have been demands for Obama’s arrest had people [Ricky’s fellow bigots] realized that Obama was secretly arming terrorists.


The Screwball went on to speak of Gary Hart’s 1988 presidential bid by saying:

  • Hart’s “presidential campaign was stopped in its tracks because a photograph surfaced of him with a pretty blonde sitting on his lap, now we have murderous Islamic thugs sitting on the lap of Hillary Clinton and nobody cares.”

Of course Ricky’s claim that Obama shipped arms to terrorists is a total fabrication; however, he knows he can engender further contributions by repeating some he absolutely knows to be false.


Trust me folks, after pocketing untold sums in attacking Obama for eight years, Ricky and those of his ilk are hopeful that Hillary is elected as President in 2016 because it will give them another 8 years to enrich themselves at the expense of the low I.Q. folks that tune in to listen to their crap.


In truth, a GOP victory in 2016 may well mean that Ricky will have to find a real job. Hopefully Walmart will be willing to hire him as a greeter.


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