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Obama Wages War on America by Welcoming Muslim Refugees 


In a recent (May 2015) interview with the WorldNetDaily comedy blog, Phyllis Schlafly  declared that that the plan to take in refugees from Muslim countries is part of Obama’s “war on America” and an attempt to help Muslims “take over the world and establish their caliphate.”


Phyllis went on to tell WorldNetDaily’s low I.Q. listeners:

  • “Muslims would like to take over the world and establish their caliphate, and Obama has let so many Muslims in.”
  • “I don’t think he [Obama] should let any Muslims in this country.”
  • “There’s no reason why they should come in.”

Phyllis went on with her rant by saying:

  • “Obama is trying to absolutely change America by bringing in people who have no sympathy with what Americans believe.”
  • “They have no concept of limited government, of constitutional government, of rule of law, et cetera.”
  • “There’s no reason we should let in people who don’t even like America.”

Phyllis finished off her rant by saying:

  • “Anybody comes in should have to renounce allegiance to his former country and accept the American way of life.”
  • “And if he doesn’t want to do that, goodbye! Adios!”

Since 1992, the U.S. had admitted about 1.7 million Muslim immigrants or about 73,000 per year. Therefore, during his six (6) years as president (2009-20014), approximately 438,000 Muslims have immigrated to the United States.


As to Phyllis’ argument that immigrants should be made to “renounce allegiance” to their former country, that would mean the end of dual-citizenship. It would mean that the following folks would have to be immediately deported or at a minimum never allowed to immigrate to the U.S.

  • Jews who support or ally themselves with Israel
  • Russians who ally themselves with the Kremlin
  • Irishmen who support Northern Ireland

Since Phyllis will be 92 years-of-age on August 15, 2015, I believe it’s about time that she find something better to do than run her foul mouth in a never ending attempt to flame the fires of bigotry and hatred. Put simply, maybe its high time to put a sock in Phyllis' pie hole. 


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