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Attorney Larry Klayman of DC; congenital liar


This isn’t Larry’s First bite at the Attorney Misfit Apple Tree. At the end of this article you will find additional stories detailing his misconduct.


In a never ending attempt at self-promotion, Larry is now (late March 2016) engaged in an attempt to act as co-counsel for Cliven Bundy in Reno, Nevada.


It should be noted that Cliven Bundy is the deadbeat moron (my apologies to morons) that is now facing criminal charges in federal court in Reno regarding the armed standoff with law enforcement near his ranch in Bunkerville, Nevada.


However, in a three-page order, U.S. District Court Judge Gloria Navarro refused to allow Larry the Liar to join the defense team after she discovered that he had not been candid (lying) about the outcome of disciplinary proceedings against him in Washington, DC. (Associated Press)


Larry falsely claimed in court filings that no disciplinary action had been taken against him and that the DC proceedings would soon be resolved in his favor. Judge Navarro stated in her order that Larry’s statements were “misleading [false] and incomplete.”


At the time he lied to Judge Navarro, Larry well knew that there were disciplinary charges pending against him in Washington DC and Florida.


Hopefully, one of these jurisdictions will finally do everyone a favor and permanently disbar this disgusting liar. If they do, he will likely be offered a job as a legal analyst on the Fox News Comedy Network.

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